Space Access Update #109  02/15/05 
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        Space Access '05 Conference, April 28-30, Phoenix Arizona

We have our hotel nailed down.  It's the Four Points Sheraton,
10220 N Metro Parkway East, Phoenix Arizona 85051, 602 997-5900 for 
reservations, mention "Space Access" for our $79 conference room rate 
($109 for cabana suite), rate good for up to two days before and after 
our conference dates of April 28th through the 30th.  The Four Points is 
next to Phoenix's Metrocenter shopping complex, fourteen miles from the 
Phoenix airport, with fifty bars and restaurants and two hundred stores 
within walking distance.  Rooms have a work desk, high-speed internet, 
coffee maker, etc, and hotel has a heated olympic-sized pool, spa, and 
fitness center, and free parking.  We're quite pleased to be bringing 
you a newer hotel in a better location for the same rate as last year. 

Our early list of confirmed presenters includes Armadillo Aerospace, 
FAA AST, Jim Muncy/PoliSpace, Dr. Jerry Pournelle, Rocketplane LLC, 
SpaceX (conditional on their having completed their current launch 
campaign), Henry Spencer, Andrew Case/The Suborbital Institute, TGV 
Rockets, and XCOR Aerospace.  We are still in the process of contacting 
potential speakers; we expect by the time the conference rolls around 
we'll once again have lined up more than two dozen highly relevant 
presentations and panels over the course of our two-and-a-half day 
event.  The conference gets underway 2 pm Thursday and runs through 
Saturday night. 

This year's theme is "Still A Long Hard Road Ahead"; we plan a session 
on the process of turning the new Commercial Space Transportation law 
into practical regulations, and we're looking at a session on the new 
spaceports coming onto the scene.  Along, of course, with the usual wide 
variety of progress reports, technical backgrounders, viewpoints, and 
new ideas from various players in this burgeoning field. 

Space Access '05 will once again be a mix of the usual suspects and some 
interesting new additions, once again providing an intensive informal 
snapshot of where this fast-moving new cheap space access industry has 
gotten to as of spring 2005.  Be there! 

Space Access '05 registration once again holds steady at $100 in advance, 
$120 at the door, $10 off for SAS members.  $30 Student rate, no member 
discount.  Day rates available at the door only.  One year's SAS 
membership is $30, please include your email address for Updates.

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      Space Access Society, 5515 N 7th St #5-348, Phoenix AZ 85014.

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